Customer Services

Support 24/7

If you need support you can call at any time, we can support you online at any time and if you can`t manage yourself we can support you using TeamWeaver.

Cpanel Support

Including Webmail

We can help you to congfigure your Cpanel by giving a close review of the several options included as well as to configure your Webmail and email for mobil settings.

Grows as you go

There is not a rule but...

You can start with a basic hosting plan and upgrade as your expansion needs increase. You wanna try a bit more space? there you go, let Us know your needs.


For small bussiness
470 Sek /Year
  • Basic
  • 1 GB disc space
  • 10 GB Transfer
  • 10 email accounts
  • Support 24/h
  • Cpanel admin


For medium bussiness
508 Sek /Year
  • Standard
  • 2 GB disc space
  • 20 GB transfer
  • 15 email accounts
  • Support 24/h
  • Cpanel admin


For large bussiness
708 Sek /Year
  • Pro
  • 5 GB disc space
  • 50 GB transfer
  • 50 email accounts
  • Support 24/h
  • Cpanel admin